having a particular state


  • nonplussed

    If you are nonplussed, you are so surprised and confused that you are not sure what to do or say.

  • uncharted

    Uncharted refers to something that has not been experienced before; it literally means that something has not been mapped out, and so remains an unknown.

  • wizened

    A wizened person is very old, shrunken with age, and has a lot of wrinkles on their skin.

  • jaundiced

    If someone has a jaundiced view of something, they ignore the good parts and can only see the bad aspects of it.

  • unlettered

    If someone is unlettered, they are illiterate, unable to read and write.

  • unfazed

    To be unfazed is to not be affected by something that happens to you, even if it is quite embarrassing or bothersome.

  • bemused

    If you are bemused, you are puzzled and confused; hence, you are lost or absorbed in puzzling thought.

  • unadorned

    Something that is unadorned is not made more attractive with ornament or decoration.

  • antiquated

    Something antiquated is old-fashioned and not suitable for modern needs or conditions.

  • convoluted

    Something convoluted, such as a difficult concept or procedure, is complex and takes many twists and turns.

  • protracted

    Something protracted is lengthened in its duration.

  • disaffected

    A disaffected member of a group or organization is not satisfied with it; consequently, they feel little loyalty towards it.

  • unrequited

    If you feel unrequited love for another, you love that person, but they don't love you in return.

  • disinterested

    Someone does something in a disinterested way when they have no personal involvement or attachment to the action.

  • unsullied

    Something that is unsullied is unstained and clean.

  • variegated

    Something that is variegated has various tones or colors; it can also mean filled with variety.

  • inebriated

    An inebriated person has had too much alcohol; by extension, if someone is inebriated with an emotion or feeling, they are filled with it—and possibly excited or confused by it too.

  • unbridled

    A feeling that is unbridled is enthusiastic and unlimited in its expression.

  • dilapidated

    A dilapidated building, vehicle, etc. is old, broken-down, and in very bad condition.

  • inured

    If you are inured to something unpleasant, you have become so used to it that it no longer affects you.

  • vaunted

    Something that is vaunted, such as someone's ability, is too highly praised and boasted about.

  • unscathed

    To come out of something unscathed is to come out of it uninjured.

  • unalloyed

    Something that is unalloyed is whole or complete; for example, unalloyed pain cannot be relieved.

  • animated

    When a person is animated, they are energetic, lively, and filled with excited activity.

  • corrugated

    Something that is corrugated has parallel ridges, troughs, or grooves in it.

  • impassioned

    When you are impassioned about a cause or idea, you are very passionate or highly emotionally charged about it.

  • ingrained

    Something that has been ingrained in your mind has been fixed or rooted there permanently.

  • perplexed

    When you are perplexed about something, you are completely confused or baffled by it.

  • unfounded

    An unfounded claim is not based upon evidence; instead, it is unproven or groundless.

  • unparalleled

    An unparalleled accomplishment has not been equaled by anyone or cannot be compared to anything that anyone else has ever done.

  • unprecedented

    Something unprecedented has never occurred; therefore, it is unusual, original, or new.

  • unsurpassed

    If you are unsurpassed in what you do, you are the best—period.

  • unwarranted

    An unwarranted decision cannot be justified because there is no evidence to back it up; therefore, it is needless and uncalled-for.

  • concerted

    A concerted effort is intensive and determined work that is performed by two people or more to complete a task.

  • impoverished

    An impoverished person or nation is very poor and stricken by poverty.

  • demented

    A demented person is not in their right mind; hence, they are crazy, insane, and highly irrational.

  • disposed

    When you are disposed towards a particular action or thing, you are inclined or partial towards it.

  • emaciated

    A person or animal that is emaciated is extremely thin because of a serious illness or lack of food.

  • reserved

    Someone who is reserved is quiet, self-controlled, and keeps their thoughts mostly to themselves.

  • unrestrained

    Someone who is unrestrained is free to do as they please; they are not controlled by anyone but themself, which can lead to excessive behavior.

  • inclined

    When you are inclined to do something, you are willing or prefer to do it.

  • qualified

    A qualified statement has been limited, restricted, or changed in some way.

  • elated

    When you become elated about something, you become very happy, overjoyed, or extremely delighted.

  • unprincipled

    An unprincipled person is immoral, not ethical, or dishonest; therefore, they often do things that are wrong.

  • regimented

    Something that is regimented is organized and controlled by strict rules.

  • refined

    Someone who is refined is very well educated; they understand much about cultures around the world.

  • complicated

    If something is complicated, such as a math problem, it is difficult to understand because there are so many parts to it.

  • isolated

    Something isolated is off by itself, alone, or far apart from other things.

  • expected

    If something is expected to happen, people are pretty sure or believe that it will and are waiting for it to occur.

  • involved

    When someone is involved in an activity, they take part in it or do it often.

  • required

    Something that is required has to be done or is necessary.

  • satisfied

    If you are satisfied with something, you are pleased or happy with it because you have enough of what you need or want.

  • cultured

    marked by refinement in taste and manners

  • deranged

    driven insane

  • detached

    showing lack of emotional involvement

  • disengaged

    Not engaged; free from engagement; at leisure; free from occupation or care; vacant.

  • frustrated

    disappointingly unsuccessful

  • moneyed

    based on or arising from the possession of money or wealth

  • ruffled

    shaken into waves or undulations as by wind

  • striped

    marked or decorated with stripes

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