• squalor

    The word squalor describes very dirty and unpleasant conditions that people live or work in, usually due to poverty or neglect.

  • sonorous

    A sonorous sound is pleasantly full, strong, and rich.

  • torpor

    If your body is affected by torpor, you are severely lacking in energy; therefore, you are idle—and can even be numb.

  • ardor

    When you have ardor for something, you have an intense feeling of love, excitement, and admiration for it.

  • rancor

    Rancor is a feeling of bitter ill will or intense dislike towards another person.

  • precursor

    A first event is a precursor to a second event if the first event is responsible for the development or existence of the second.

  • stupor

    Stupor is a state in which someone's mind and senses are dulled; consequently, they are unable to think clearly or act normally.

  • unsavory

    If you describe something as unsavory, you mean that it is unpleasant or morally unacceptable.

  • candor

    Candor is the quality of being honest and open in speech or action.

  • timorous

    To be timorous is to be fearful.

  • meritorious

    Someone who is meritorious is worthy of receiving recognition or is praiseworthy because of what they have accomplished.

  • rigorous

    A rigorous teacher expects a lot from their students; therefore, they can be strict with rules and demand that their students learn a lot of information.

  • sector

    A sector is a part or section of a larger system, such as the economy as part of society.

  • vigor

    Someone who possesses vigor has energy, strength, and power.

  • languorous

    When someone is languorous, they are very relaxed, sluggish, and lacking in energy.

  • favorable

    If something is favorable, such as the weather or an opinion, it is good or agreeable.

  • factor

    A factor is one of the things that affects or contributes to an event, such as the weather during a soccer game or how many people show up for a party.

  • error

    An error is a mistake someone has made—what they have done is wrong or not correct.

  • terror

    If you feel terror, you feel great fear or are very scared of something.

  • fervor

    feelings of great warmth and intensity

  • glamor

    alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)

  • pallor

    unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress)

  • succor

    help in a difficult situation

  • horror

    intense and profound fear

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