state or quality


  • alacrity

    If you do something with alacrity, you do it eagerly and quickly.

  • propensity

    A propensity is a natural tendency towards a particular behavior.

  • debility

    Debility is a state of being physically or mentally weak, usually due to illness.

  • asperity

    Asperity is a sharpness or harshness of tone or manner; it can also indicate severity of a climate.

  • gravity

    The gravity of a situation or event is its seriousness or importance.

  • complicity

    Complicity is the involvement in or knowledge of a situation that is illegal or bad.

  • probity

    Probity is very moral and honest behavior.

  • levity

    Levity is an amusing way of speaking or behaving during a serious situation; it can lighten the moment but can also be considered inappropriate.

  • felicity

    If you are experiencing felicity about something, you are very happy about it.

  • temerity

    To act with temerity is to act in a carelessly and irresponsibly bold way.

  • enormity

    If you refer to the enormity of a situation, problem, or event, you mean that it is very evil or morally offensive; this word has nothing to do with physical size.

  • celerity

    If something moves or grows with celerity, it does so rapidly.

  • amenity

    Amenities are things that make a place comfortable or easy to live in, such as hot water, updated bathrooms, and sports facilities.

  • proclivity

    A proclivity is the tendency to behave in a particular way or to like a particular thing.

  • paucity

    A paucity of something is not enough of it.

  • propinquity

    The propinquity of a thing is its nearness in location, relationship, or similarity to another thing.

  • verity

    The verity of something is the truth or reality of it.

  • fecundity

    If someone, such as a writer, is described as having fecundity, they have the ability to produce many original and different ideas.

  • serendipity

    Serendipity is the good fortune that some people encounter in finding or making interesting and valuable discoveries purely by luck.

  • profundity

    When someone exhibits profundity, they display great intellectual depth and understanding; profundity can also be the depth or complexity of something.

  • equanimity

    If you exhibit equanimity, you demonstrate a calm mental state—without showing upset or annoyance—when you deal with a difficult situation.

  • acuity

    Acuity is sharpness or clearness of vision, hearing, or thought.

  • duplicity

    If you accuse someone of duplicity, you think that they are dishonest and are intending to trick you.

  • brevity

    Brevity is communicating by using just a few words or by taking very little time to do so.

  • magnanimity

    If someone exhibits magnanimity towards another, they show them kindness and noble generosity, especially after defeating them in battle or after having been treated badly by them.

  • consanguinity

    Consanguinity is the state of being related to someone else by blood or having a similar close relationship to them.

  • depravity

    Depravity is behavior that is immoral, corrupt, or evil.

  • adversity

    If you undergo adversity in life, you struggle with trouble, bad luck, and difficult times.

  • affinity

    When you have an affinity for something, you have a natural liking for or connection to it.

  • disparity

    When there is a disparity between two things, they are not of equal status; therefore, they are different or unlike in some way.

  • fidelity

    Fidelity towards something, such as a marriage or promise, is faithfulness or loyalty towards it.

  • infirmity

    A patient who is plagued by infirmity is weak in body or ill in health.

  • ingenuity

    Ingenuity in solving a problem uses creativity, intelligence, and cleverness.

  • iniquity

    Iniquity is an immoral act, wickedness, or evil.

  • longevity

    Longevity is the life span of a person or object; it can also refer to a particularly long life.

  • posterity

    Your posterity are your children; they are also your future generations.

  • proximity

    Proximity is how close or near one thing is to another.

  • sanctity

    The sanctity of something is its holiness or sacred quality.

  • spontaneity

    Spontaneity is freedom to act when and how you want to, often in an unpredictable or unplanned way.

  • integrity

    When someone has integrity, they do the right thing, no matter what; therefore, they are an honest and good person.

  • prosperity

    When someone experiences prosperity, they have success and good fortune in their life.

  • capacity

    The capacity of a container, such as a box or jar, is how much of something it can hold.

  • entity

    An entity is a separate thing or object that is real and exists, such as a fish, a tree, or a rock.

  • community

    A community is made up of people who live or do things together in the same area; members often like the same things.

  • authority

    Authority is the power to command or having control over something or someone.

  • majority

    The majority in a group includes most—or more than half—of the people or things in that group.

  • ability

    An ability is a skill you can do, such as swim or fly a plane.

  • identity

    Your identity is the things that make you who you are; it shows how you are different from others.

  • cavity

    A cavity is an empty space or hole in an otherwise solid object, such as a tooth or human body.

  • minority

    The minority in a group includes the people or things that make up less than half of that group.

  • opportunity

    An opportunity is something good that is offered to you that you can choose to do if you want.

  • quality

    The quality of something is how good it is, from not good at all to very good.

  • security

    Your security is how safe you are from attack or losing something.

  • quantity

    The quantity of something is how much there is of it.

  • variety

    A variety of things is a number of different objects in a group, such as different kinds of soup or many colors of pens.

  • generosity

    If someone is known for their generosity, they are willing to share by giving their time or money to others.

  • calamity

    an event resulting in great loss and misfortune

  • celebrity

    a widely known person

  • normality

    being within certain limits that define the range of normal functioning

  • parity

    (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered

  • regularity

    a property of polygons: the property of having equal sides and equal angles

  • whimsicality

    the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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