state or condition


  • malfeasance

    Malfeasance is an unlawful act, especially one committed by a trusted public official.

  • appurtenance

    An appurtenance is a supporting feature, form of equipment, or item associated with a particular activity.

  • protuberance

    A protuberance is an outgrowth, lump, or swelling of some kind.

  • exuberance

    If you show exuberance, you display great excitement, energy, and enthusiasm.

  • semblance

    A semblance is an outward appearance of what is wanted or expected but is not exactly as hoped for.

  • dissonance

    Dissonance is an unpleasant situation of opposition in which ideas or actions are not in agreement or harmony; dissonance also refers to a harsh combination of sounds.

  • recognizance

    A recognizance is a promise or formal bond made to a court that someone will attend all court hearings and will not engage in further illegal activity.

  • provenance

    The provenance of something is its birthplace or the place from which it originally came.

  • nuance

    A nuance is a small difference in something that may be difficult to notice but is fairly important.

  • obeisance

    Obeisance is respect and obedience shown to someone or something, expressed by bowing or some other humble gesture.

  • preponderance

    A preponderance of things of a particular type in a group means that there are more of that type than of any other.

  • repugnance

    Repugnance is a strong feeling of dislike for something or someone you find horrible and offensive.

  • abeyance

    If something is in abeyance, it has been put on hold and is not proceeding or being used at the present time.

  • parlance

    You are applying parlance when you use words or expressions that are used by a particular group of people who have a unique way of speaking; for example, "descendants" is often used in place of "children" in legal parlance.

  • insouciance

    Insouciance is a lack of concern or worry for something that should be shown more careful attention or consideration.

  • countenance

    If someone will countenance something, they will approve, tolerate, or support it.

  • penance

    Penance is an act of some kind to right a wrong, usually via some form of self-punishment.

  • sustenance

    Sustenance is that which supports life; it usually refers to food or nourishment of some kind or to one's livelihood.

  • temperance

    If you show temperance, you limit yourself so that you don’t do too much of something; you act in a controlled and well-balanced way.

  • acquaintance

    An acquaintance is someone that you know—but not well enough to be thought of as a friend.

  • entrance

    The entrance to a building is where you go into the building.

  • annoyance

    the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed

  • appearance

    outward or visible aspect of a person or thing

  • resemblance

    similarity in appearance or external or superficial details

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