not, opposite of


  • uncharted

    Uncharted refers to something that has not been experienced before; it literally means that something has not been mapped out, and so remains an unknown.

  • unfeasible

    Something unfeasible cannot be made or achieved.

  • unseemly

    If you say someone's behavior is unseemly, you disapprove of it because it is not in good taste or not suitable for a particular situation.

  • unlettered

    If someone is unlettered, they are illiterate, unable to read and write.

  • untoward

    An untoward situation is something that is unfavorable, unfortunate, inappropriate, or troublesome.

  • unfazed

    To be unfazed is to not be affected by something that happens to you, even if it is quite embarrassing or bothersome.

  • uncouth

    To act in an uncouth manner is to be awkward and unmannerly.

  • unsavory

    If you describe something as unsavory, you mean that it is unpleasant or morally unacceptable.

  • unadorned

    Something that is unadorned is not made more attractive with ornament or decoration.

  • unremitting

    A thing or person that is unremitting is persistent and enduring in what is being done.

  • unkempt

    An unkempt person or thing is untidy and has not been kept neat.

  • unassuming

    Someone who is unassuming is not boastful or arrogant; rather, they are modest or humble.

  • unflagging

    If you are unflagging while doing a task, you are untiring when working upon it and do not stop until it is finished.

  • unobtrusive

    If someone acts in an unobtrusive way, their actions are not easily noticed and do not stand out in any way.

  • unrequited

    If you feel unrequited love for another, you love that person, but they don't love you in return.

  • unconscionable

    An action or deed is unconscionable if it is excessively shameful, unfair, or unjust and its effects are more severe than is reasonable or acceptable.

  • unprepossessing

    Something or someone that is unprepossessing is not impressive or is unattractive.

  • unsullied

    Something that is unsullied is unstained and clean.

  • unbridled

    A feeling that is unbridled is enthusiastic and unlimited in its expression.

  • unscathed

    To come out of something unscathed is to come out of it uninjured.

  • unalloyed

    Something that is unalloyed is whole or complete; for example, unalloyed pain cannot be relieved.

  • ungainly

    Someone who is ungainly is clumsy or awkward; something ungainly can be difficult to use, primarily because of its size or weight.

  • uncanny

    Something uncanny is very strange, unnatural, or highly unusual.

  • unflappable

    When you are unflappable, you remain calm, cool, and collected in even the most trying of situations.

  • unfounded

    An unfounded claim is not based upon evidence; instead, it is unproven or groundless.

  • unnerve

    If something unnerves you, it makes you upset or nervous; it can also make you lose your courage because it frightens you so much.

  • unorthodox

    An unorthodox opinion is unusual, not customary, and goes against established ways of thinking.

  • unparalleled

    An unparalleled accomplishment has not been equaled by anyone or cannot be compared to anything that anyone else has ever done.

  • unprecedented

    Something unprecedented has never occurred; therefore, it is unusual, original, or new.

  • unquenchable

    An unquenchable desire or thirst cannot be satisfied or gotten rid of.

  • unrelenting

    If you are unrelenting in your desire to do something, you stop at nothing until you've done it.

  • unrestrained

    Someone who is unrestrained is free to do as they please; they are not controlled by anyone but themself, which can lead to excessive behavior.

  • unsightly

    An unsightly person presents an ugly, unattractive, or disagreeable face to the world.

  • unsurpassed

    If you are unsurpassed in what you do, you are the best—period.

  • unwarranted

    An unwarranted decision cannot be justified because there is no evidence to back it up; therefore, it is needless and uncalled-for.

  • unwieldy

    Something that is unwieldy is hard or awkward to handle because of the way that it is shaped.

  • unwitting

    If you did something in an unwitting fashion, you didn't know that you were doing it; therefore, it was unintentional on your part.

  • unprincipled

    An unprincipled person is immoral, not ethical, or dishonest; therefore, they often do things that are wrong.

  • unstable

    Something unstable, such as a building or government, is not strong and has problems; therefore, it can change suddenly for the worse or fail in some way.

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