• impecunious

    Someone who is impecunious has very little money, especially over a long period of time.

  • immutable

    Something that is immutable is always the same and cannot be changed.

  • impervious

    If you are impervious to things, such as someone's actions or words, you are not affected by them or do not notice them.

  • impunity

    If you say that someone does something with impunity, you dislike the fact that they are not being punished for doing something illegal.

  • impudence

    If someone demonstrates impudence, they behave in a very rude or disrespectful way.

  • importunate

    If you describe someone as importunate, you think that they are annoying and unreasonable because they keep trying to get something from you.

  • implacable

    If someone is implacable, they very stubbornly react to situations or the opinions of others because of strong feelings that make them unwilling to change their mind.

  • impassive

    If someone is impassive, they are not showing any emotion.

  • imperturbable

    If someone is imperturbable, they are always calm and not easily upset or disturbed by any situation, even dangerous ones.

  • impregnable

    An impregnable fortress or castle is very difficult to defeat or overcome; an opinion or argument of that same quality is almost impossible to successfully change or challenge.

  • imprecation

    An imprecation is a rude, offensive phrase or word that is said to someone or about someone especially when one is angry.

  • impeccable

    If you describe someone's appearance or behavior as impeccable, you mean that it is perfect and therefore impossible to criticize.

  • impertinent

    If someone behaves in an impertinent way, they behave rudely and disrespectfully.

  • impasse

    An impasse is a difficult situation in which progress is not possible, usually because none of the people involved are willing to agree.

  • immaculate

    Something that is immaculate is very clean, pure, or completely free from error.

  • impenetrable

    An impenetrable barrier cannot be gotten through by any means; this word can refer to parts of a building such as walls and doors—or to a problem of some kind that cannot be solved.

  • imperceptible

    Something that is imperceptible is either impossible to be perceived by the mind or is very difficult to perceive.

  • implausible

    Something that is implausible is unlikely to be true or hard to believe that it's true.

  • impromptu

    An impromptu speech is unplanned or spontaneous—it has not been practiced in any way beforehand.

  • improvise

    When someone improvises, they make something up at once because an unexpected situation has arisen.

  • imprudent

    When you act in an imprudent fashion, you do something that is unwise, is lacking in good judgment, or has no forethought.

  • immobile

    Something immobile is still, motionless, or incapable of moving.

  • immense

    Something immense is huge, very big, or extremely large.

  • improvidence

    Someone who is improvident does not think about providing for future events and needs, lacks foresight, and is not cautious or sensible.

  • immediately

    Something that happens immediately happens right away or at once.

  • immortal

    not subject to death

  • immovable

    not able or intended to be moved

  • immune

    relating to the condition of immunity

  • impartial

    showing lack of favoritism

  • impossibility

    incapability of existing or occurring

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