• irrefutable

    An irrefutable argument or statement cannot be proven wrong; therefore, it must be accepted because it is certain.

  • irreproachable

    An irreproachable person is very honest and so morally upright that their behavior cannot be criticized.

  • irrevocable

    An irrevocable action or decision is impossible to change, reverse, or stop.

  • irreconcilable

    Two irreconcilable opinions or points of view are so opposed to each other that it is not possible to accept both of them or reach a settlement between them.

  • irresolute

    Someone who is irresolute is unable to decide what to do.

  • irrelevant

    Irrelevant information is unrelated or unconnected to the situation at hand.

  • irreversible

    When an irreversible act is done, it cannot be undone or fixed in any way.

  • irregular

    Something irregular does not act normally; rather, it acts in an unusual way.

  • irrational

    not consistent with or using reason

  • irreal

    not real

  • irresistible

    impossible to resist

  • irretrievable

    impossible to recover or recoup or overcome

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