quality, condition


  • vehement

    When you have a vehement feeling about something, you feel very strongly or intensely about it.

  • denouement

    A denouement is the end of a book, play, or series of events when everything is explained and comes to a conclusion.

  • augment

    To augment something is to increase its value or effectiveness by adding something to it.

  • blandishment

    Blandishments are words or actions that are pleasant and complimentary, intended to persuade someone to do something via a use of flattery.

  • escarpment

    An escarpment is a wide, steep slope or ridge, formed by erosion, that rises suddenly from level land.

  • deportment

    Your deportment is the way you behave, walk, and stand in public.

  • accoutrement

    Accoutrements are the things that you take with you when you travel or when you take part in a particular activity.

  • aliment

    Aliment is something, usually food, that feeds, nourishes, or supports someone or something else.

  • emolument

    Emolument is money or another form of payment you get for work you have done.

  • lineament

    A lineament is the characteristic property or distinguishing feature of something; a person's lineaments are the outlines or contours of their face or body.

  • annulment

    The annulment of a contract or marriage is an official declaration that it is invalid, at which point it no longer has legal authority.

  • detrimental

    Something detrimental causes damage, harm, or loss to someone or something.

  • embankment

    An embankment is a built-up bank or ridge made of earth or stone that supports a road or holds back water.

  • embodiment

    An embodiment of something, such as a quality or idea, is a visible representation or concrete expression of it.

  • encroachment

    When you are guilty of encroachment, you intrude upon or invade another person's private space.

  • impediment

    An impediment is something that blocks or obstructs progress; it can also be a weakness or disorder, such as having difficulty with speaking.

  • monumental

    A monumental event is very great, impressive, or extremely important in some way.

  • predicament

    If you are in a predicament, you are in a difficult situation or unpleasant mess that is hard to get out of.

  • rudimentary

    Rudimentary skills and knowledge are basic or simple things that are learned early on in life.

  • temperamental

    If you are temperamental, you tend to become easily upset and experience unpredictable mood swings.

  • rapprochement

    Rapprochement is the development of greater understanding and friendliness between two countries or groups of people after a period of unfriendly relations.

  • complement

    A complement to something else finishes it or brings it into a fuller state.

  • implement

    When someone implements something, such as a plan, they carry it out or perform it.

  • supplement

    When you supplement, you add on some extra to something to make up for a lack in it.

  • regimented

    Something that is regimented is organized and controlled by strict rules.

  • fragment

    A fragment of something is a broken-off piece of it.

  • government

    The government of a country is the people that rule over or run it, are in charge, and make its laws.

  • environment

    Your environment is the world around you.

  • assortment

    An assortment is a number of different items or various things that form a group.

  • complimentary

    If you are complimentary to someone, you say nice things to them, such as how smart they are or how beautiful they look.

  • experiment

    When you experiment, you do a scientific test to figure something out.

  • assessment

    An assessment is a quiz or a test that is designed to find out how much someone knows or can do.

  • fundamental

    The fundamental parts of something are its most important and necessary parts.

  • commitment

    A commitment to something, such as a cause or belief, is a promise or agreement to stay true to it.

  • statement

    A statement is something that someone says or writes, often to give out information.

  • amazement

    the feeling that accompanies something extremely surprising

  • arrangement

    the thing arranged or agreed to

  • bewilderment

    confusion resulting from failure to understand

  • embroilment

    an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation

  • enlightenment

    education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge

  • fulfillment

    a feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires

  • involvement

    the act of sharing in the activities of a group

  • merriment

    a gay feeling

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