• demented

    A demented person is not in their right mind; hence, they are crazy, insane, and highly irrational.

  • reminiscent

    Something that is reminiscent of something else reminds you of it in some way.

  • mental

    Something mental is of the mind.

  • commentary

    A reporter gives commentary when they talk about an event as it is happening or give their opinion about a past event."

  • commentate

    make a commentary on

  • commentator

    an expert who observes and comments on something

  • dementia

    mental deterioration of organic or functional origin

  • memento

    a reminder of past events

  • mentality

    a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations

  • mention

    an official recognition of merit

  • mentionable

    Fit to be mentioned.

  • mentor

    serve as a teacher or trusted counselor

  • reminisce

    recall the past

  • unmentionable

    unsuitable or forbidden as a topic of conversation

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