to make have a certain quality


  • chastise

    If you chastise someone, you speak to them angrily or punish them for doing something wrong.

  • Americanise

    to make something have an American quality

  • Romanise

    to make something have the quality of a Roman

  • anesthetise

    administer an anesthetic drug to

  • civilise

    teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment

  • commercialise

    make commercial

  • crystallise

    make free from confusion or ambiguity

  • fertilise

    make fertile or productive

  • formalise

    make formal or official

  • harmonise

    go together

  • idolise

    love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess

  • legalise

    make legal

  • materialise

    come into being

  • memorise

    commit to memory

  • modernise

    become technologically advanced

  • organise

    bring order and organization to

  • privatise

    change from governmental to private control or ownership

  • realise

    earn on some commercial or business transaction

  • sterilise

    make free from bacteria

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