to do something


  • blandishment

    Blandishments are words or actions that are pleasant and complimentary, intended to persuade someone to do something via a use of flattery.

  • burnish

    To burnish something is to work hard to improve it, such as polishing a metal until it shines.

  • embellish

    If you embellish something, you make it more beautiful by decorating it.

  • abolish

    If someone in authority abolishes a law or practice, they formally put an end to it.

  • refurbish

    When you refurbish something, you repair it to improve its appearance or ability to function.

  • admonish

    When you admonish someone, you tell them gently but with seriousness that they have done something wrong; you usually caution and advise them not to do it again.

  • impoverished

    An impoverished person or nation is very poor and stricken by poverty.

  • replenish

    When you replenish something, you refill or restock it.

  • relinquish

    When you relinquish something, you give it up or let it go.

  • diminish

    When something diminishes, it becomes smaller.

  • accomplish

    When you accomplish something, such as hard work or a long task, you are able to complete it or be successful in doing it.

  • perish

    When someone perishes, they die, usually due to violence or a dangerous occurrence.

  • banish

    expel from a community or group

  • demolish

    destroy completely

  • establish

    set up or found

  • extinguish

    put an end to

  • finish

    the act of finishing

  • flourish

    grow vigorously

  • nourish

    provide with nourishment

  • publish

    put into print

  • punish

    impose a penalty on

  • vanish

    get lost, as without warning or explanation

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