to do something


  • welter

    A welter of something is a large, overwhelming, and confusing amount of it; this word can also refer to a state of confusion, disorder, or turmoil.

  • banter

    Banter is friendly conversation during which people make friendly jokes and laugh at—and with—one another.

  • reconnoiter

    To reconnoiter an area is to go and get preliminary information about it, especially for military purposes.

  • waver

    If you waver, you cannot decide between two things because you have serious doubts about which choice is better.

  • teetotaler

    A teetotaler is one who does not drink alcohol.

  • cloister

    To cloister someone is to remove and isolate them from the rest of the world.

  • encumber

    If something encumbers you, it makes it difficult for you to move freely or do what you want.

  • decipher

    When you decipher a message or piece of writing, you work out what it says, even though it is very difficult to read or understand.

  • rejoinder

    A rejoinder is a quick answer to a reply or remark that can be rude, angry, clever, or defensive.

  • engender

    If something engenders a particular feeling or attitude, it causes that condition.

  • bewilder

    If something bewilders you, you are very confused or puzzled by it.

  • disclaimer

    A disclaimer is a legal statement that declares a refusal to accept responsibility in case something bad happens when a product is used.

  • linger

    When someone lingers, they stay or remain somewhere longer than people usually do.

  • criteria

    Criteria are standards that, if met, allow you to do something; for example, getting good grades and performing community service form standards that will help you get into college.

  • master

    If you master a skill of some kind, you learn all there is to know about it.

  • recovery

    When someone is in recovery, they are getting better and becoming healthy once again.

  • batter

    strike against forcefully

  • loiter

    be about

  • render

    cause to become

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