• desiccate

    Something that is desiccated has had all the water taken out of it; this is a common process used for food in order to preserve it.

  • demure

    If you describe someone, usually a young woman, as demure, you mean that she is quiet, shy, and always behaves modestly.

  • decry

    To decry something is to speak against it and find fault with it.

  • denude

    To denude an area is to remove the plants and trees that cover it; it can also mean to make something bare.

  • decrepitude

    Decrepitude is the state of being very old, worn out, or very ill; therefore, something or someone is no longer in good physical condition or good health.

  • deluge

    A deluge is a sudden, heavy downfall of rain; it can also be a large number of things, such as papers or e-mails, that someone gets all at the same time, making them very difficult to handle.

  • denigrate

    If you denigrate something, you criticize or speak ill of it in a way that shows you think it has little to no value at all.

  • derelict

    Something, such as a building, is derelict if it is empty, not used, and in bad condition or disrepair.

  • deportment

    Your deportment is the way you behave, walk, and stand in public.

  • delusive

    Something that is delusive deceives you by giving a false belief about yourself or the situation you are in.

  • demur

    If you demur, you delay in doing or mildly object to something because you don't really want to do it.

  • depravity

    Depravity is behavior that is immoral, corrupt, or evil.

  • definitive

    A definitive opinion on an issue cannot be challenged; therefore, it is the final word or the most authoritative pronouncement on that issue.

  • deprivation

    Deprivation is a state during which people lack something, especially adequate food and shelter; deprivation can also describe something being taken away from someone.

  • desolate

    A desolate area is unused, empty of life, deserted, and lonely.

  • devoid

    When an area is devoid of life, it is empty or completely lacking in it.

  • demean

    When you demean another person, you put them down so that they become embarrassed and lowered in status or character.

  • deplorable

    When someone's conduct is deplorable, it is shameful, very unacceptable, or really bad.

  • depict

    When you depict something, you illustrate it with a picture or image and/or describe it using words.

  • define

    When you define something, such as a word, you state or explain its meaning.

  • deprive

    When someone deprives you of something, they keep it away from you so that you have none of it.

  • devote

    When you devote yourself to something, such as helping the homeless or being the best student you can be, you spend a lot of time and put forth a lot of effort doing it.

  • demand

    When you demand an action, you give a strong order to do it.

  • demonstrate

    When you demonstrate something, you show it clearly or present it for people to see.

  • declare

    When you declare something, you say something official that is important, true, or happening right now.

  • deride

    treat or speak of with contempt

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