• comestible

    A comestible is something that can be eaten.

  • complicity

    Complicity is the involvement in or knowledge of a situation that is illegal or bad.

  • discomfit

    If something discomfits you, it makes you feel embarrassed, confused, uncomfortable, or frustrated.

  • complacent

    Complacent persons are too confident and relaxed because they think that they can deal with a situation easily; however, in many circumstances, that is not the case.

  • compunction

    If you feel compunction about doing something, you feel that you should not do it because it is bad or wrong.

  • comport

    If you comport yourself in a particular way, you behave in that way.

  • complaisant

    If someone is complaisant, they are willing to please others and do what they want without complaining.

  • commutation

    Commutation is the act of changing a punishment to one that is less severe.

  • commandeer

    When something is commandeered, it is taken or seized, usually by force.

  • commemorate

    When you commemorate a person, you honor them or cause them to be remembered in some way.

  • commendation

    A commendation is a giving of praise to someone who has won approval for excellent work.

  • competent

    If someone is competent in a job, they are able and skilled enough to do it well.

  • compliant

    A compliant person is readily willing to do what is asked of them.

  • compulsion

    If you feel a compulsion to do something, you feel like you must do it.

  • discombobulated

    When you are discombobulated, you are confused and upset because you have been thrown into a situation that you temporarily cannot handle.

  • encompass

    When something encompasses something else, it includes all aspects of it or completely surrounds it.

  • composure

    When someone exhibits composure, they remain calm—even in difficult times or conditions.

  • comply

    When you comply with another's demands, you obey or yield to their wishes.

  • compromise

    When you compromise someone's safety, you put it in danger in some way.

  • commotion

    A commotion is a noisy activity or loud disturbance.

  • comprehend

    When you comprehend an idea or information, you understand or grasp it.

  • complicated

    If something is complicated, such as a math problem, it is difficult to understand because there are so many parts to it.

  • completely

    If something is completely done, it is fully or all finished.

  • commitment

    A commitment to something, such as a cause or belief, is a promise or agreement to stay true to it.

  • accomplish

    When you accomplish something, such as hard work or a long task, you are able to complete it or be successful in doing it.

  • complex

    If something is complex, it is very difficult to understand or solve—often because it has so many parts.

  • recommend

    When someone recommends something to you, they tell you about it because they think that it would be useful or good for you.

  • comfort

    assistance, such as that provided to an enemy or to a known criminal

  • complete

    come or bring to a finish or an end

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