• belabor

    If you belabor a point, you keep emphasizing an idea or fact repeatedly in a way that is annoying.

  • berate

    When you berate someone, you speak to them angrily because they have done something wrong.

  • beleaguer

    When you beleaguer someone, you act with the intent to annoy or harass that person repeatedly until they finally give you what you want.

  • besmirch

    If you besmirch someone, you spoil their good reputation by saying bad things about them, usually things that you know are not true.

  • bemused

    If you are bemused, you are puzzled and confused; hence, you are lost or absorbed in puzzling thought.

  • bereaved

    A bereaved person is someone whose close friend or relative has recently died.

  • beholden

    If you are beholden to someone, you are in their debt; therefore, you have a duty towards them because they have helped you in some way.

  • beset

    If you are beset by something, you are experiencing serious problems or dangers because of it.

  • belittle

    When you belittle something, such as an accomplishment, you make it seem little, of small importance, or insignificant.

  • bequeath

    When you bequeath something, you hand it down to someone in a will or pass it on from one generation to the next.

  • besiege

    When a person is besieged, they are excessively bothered or overwhelmed by questions or other matters requiring their attention; likewise, when a city is besieged, it is surrounded by enemy forces.

  • bewilder

    If something bewilders you, you are very confused or puzzled by it.

  • bespoke

    Something that bespeaks something else indicates it or gives a sign of it.

  • betoken

    If something betokens something else, it shows that it either exists now or will exist.

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