to, towards


  • arrogate

    When you arrogate something, such as a position or privilege, you take it even though you don't have the legal right to it.

  • arraign

    When you arraign someone, you make them come to court and answer criminal charges made against them.

  • arrogant

    Someone who is arrogant thinks very highly of themselves; as a result, they can be self-important and act as if they are better than others.

  • arriviste

    An arriviste is someone who has recently become socially powerful—usually by dubious means—and is thus regarded as an upstart.

  • arrest

    When the police arrest someone, they capture or catch them to ask them questions.

  • arrangement

    the thing arranged or agreed to

  • arrogance

    overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors

  • arrears

    the state of being behind in payments

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