to, towards


  • allude

    When you allude to something or someone, often events or characters from literature or history, you refer to them in an indirect way.

  • alleviate

    If you alleviate pain or suffering, you make it less intense or severe.

  • unalloyed

    Something that is unalloyed is whole or complete; for example, unalloyed pain cannot be relieved.

  • alliteration

    Alliteration is a device used in speech or writing in which several consecutive words all begin with the same sound or letter, the latter usually a consonant.

  • allocate

    When you allocate funds, you spread out or give different amounts of money towards the things you have to pay for.

  • allure

    dispose or incline or entice to

  • alluring

    highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire

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