to, towards


  • appurtenance

    An appurtenance is a supporting feature, form of equipment, or item associated with a particular activity.

  • appropriate

    If you appropriate something that does not belong to you, you take it for yourself without the right to do so.

  • apprise

    When you are apprised of something, you are given information about it.

  • apposite

    Something that is apposite is relevant or suitable to what is happening or being discussed.

  • appellation

    An appellation is a name or title given to a person, place, or thing.

  • apportion

    When you apportion something, such as blame or money, you decide how it should be shared among various people.

  • approbation

    Approbation is official praise or approval of something.

  • appease

    When you appease someone, you either satisfy them by being accepting of what they want or make peace with them because of a wrong that you've done to them.

  • appraisal

    When you give an appraisal, you evaluate a person or assess the value of something.

  • apprentice

    An apprentice is someone who trains under a master in order to learn a trade or other skill.

  • misapprehension

    A misapprehension is a misunderstanding or false impression that you are under, especially concerning another person's intentions towards you.

  • apprehensive

    When you are apprehensive about a future event, you are nervous or fearful about it.

  • approximate

    An approximate value of something is close to it or almost correct.

  • append

    When you append something to something else, you attach or add it, such as extra information to the end of a book.

  • appreciate

    When you appreciate something, you recognize its value or understand it fully.

  • apparition

    An apparition is something that unexpectedly appears that is either a ghost or ghostly.

  • apparatchik

    An apparatchik is a very loyal subordinate to someone or something, especially to a particular political organization or leader.

  • apply

    When people apply themselves, they use their skills to the best of their ability.

  • appoint

    When you appoint someone, you choose that person for a job or position.

  • approach

    When you approach something, you are coming near it but have not yet gotten there.

  • appall

    strike with disgust or revulsion

  • appalling

    causing consternation

  • apparatus

    equipment designed to serve a specific function

  • appeal

    take a court case to a higher court for review

  • appropriation

    money set aside (as by a legislature) for a specific purpose

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