to, towards, at


  • abandon

    When you act with abandon, you give in to the impulse of the moment and behave in a wild, uncontrolled way.

  • amalgamate

    When two or more things, such as organizations, amalgamate, they combine to become one large thing.

  • aplomb

    If you deal with a difficult situation with aplomb, you deal with it in a confident and skillful way.

  • aver

    If you aver that something is the case, you say firmly and strongly that you believe it is true.

  • apropos

    When something is apropos, it is fitting to the moment or occasion.

  • astringent

    When you are astringent towards someone, you speak to or write about them in a critical and hurtful manner.

  • acolyte

    An acolyte is someone who serves a leader as a devoted assistant or believes in the leader's ideas.

  • abase

    If you abase yourself, people respect you less because you act in a way that is beneath you; due to this behavior, you are lowered or reduced in rank, esteem, or reputation.

  • abate

    When something bad or painful abates, it becomes less strong or severe.

  • aspersion

    An aspersion is an unkind remark or unfair judgment attacking someone's character or reputation.

  • aspirate

    When you aspirate something, you draw out fluids by means of suction or you draw in air by inhaling it.

  • awry

    If something goes awry, it does not happen in the way that was planned.

  • adroit

    Someone who is adroit is skillful and clever, especially in thought, behavior, or action.

  • aficionado

    If someone is an aficionado of something, such as soccer, they like it and know a lot about it; therefore, they are a true fan of it.

  • abridge

    If you abridge a book or play, you make it shorter by making cuts to the original.

  • abet

    When you abet someone, you urge, encourage, or help them to commit a criminal or illegal act.

  • abeyance

    If something is in abeyance, it has been put on hold and is not proceeding or being used at the present time.

  • ameliorate

    When you ameliorate a bad condition or situation, you make it better in some way.

  • tantamount

    If one thing is tantamount to another thing, it means that it is equivalent to the other.

  • abut

    When something abuts something else, it is next to it or forms a border with it.

  • amass

    When you amass things, you gather them together or accumulate them.

  • aspiration

    An aspiration is a personal goal or ambition that you want to achieve.

  • paramount

    Something that is of paramount importance or significance is chief or supreme in those things.

  • ascertain

    When you ascertain the truth of something, you determine or find it out for sure.

  • aspire

    When you aspire to do something, you greatly desire to do it; therefore, you work hard to achieve it.

  • astern

    If something is astern of a ship or aircraft, it is behind it.

  • ascend

    When you ascend something, such as a mountain or a set of stairs, you go up or climb it.

  • achieve

    When you achieve something, such as a high grade in math or running a mile, you do it successfully.

  • align

    place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight

  • aspect

    a distinct feature or element in a problem

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