to, towards


  • accretion

    Accretion is the slow, gradual process by which new things are added and something gets bigger.

  • acquiesce

    If you acquiesce to something, you allow it to happen by doing what someone wants without putting up a struggle or voicing your own concerns.

  • acquisitive

    When you are acquisitive, you are driven to pursue and own wealth and possessions—often in a greedy fashion.

  • accede

    When you accede to a demand or proposal, you agree to it, especially after first disagreeing with it.

  • accoutrement

    Accoutrements are the things that you take with you when you travel or when you take part in a particular activity.

  • accentuate

    To accentuate something is to emphasize it or make it more noticeable.

  • acclimate

    When you acclimate yourself to a new situation or environment, you adapt and get used to it.

  • accost

    You accost a stranger when you move towards them and speak in an unpleasant or threatening way.

  • acclaim

    When you acclaim the deeds of someone, you praise them highly and approve of them enthusiastically.

  • accolade

    When you give another an accolade, you show them great praise because you highly approve of or respect something that they have done.

  • accommodate

    When you accommodate the needs of another, you adapt or adjust to those needs to make things more convenient for that person.

  • accord

    When you are in accord with someone, you are in agreement or harmony with them.

  • accrue

    When interest on money or personal benefits accrues, it gradually increases or builds up over time.

  • accumulate

    When items accumulate, they gather together or are collected; this process usually happens gradually.

  • acquaintance

    An acquaintance is someone that you know—but not well enough to be thought of as a friend.

  • accompany

    When you accompany another person, you go along with them as their friend or partner to do something, such as go for a walk.

  • accuse

    If you accuse someone of doing something, such as a crime or other bad action, you say that they did it.

  • access

    When you have access to something, you can get into it or use it because it is open to you.

  • accomplish

    When you accomplish something, such as hard work or a long task, you are able to complete it or be successful in doing it.

  • accuracy

    The accuracy of something, such as an answer to a problem or a measurement of some kind, is how correct or close to the truth it actually is.

  • accelerate

    move faster

  • accented

    used of syllables

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