forms a noun


  • cornucopia

    A cornucopia is a large quantity and variety of something good and nourishing.

  • diaspora

    A diaspora is a voluntary or forced movement of an ethnic people who permanently relocate in areas remote from their homeland.

  • anathema

    If something is anathema to you, such as a cursed object or idea, you very strongly dislike it or even hate it.

  • diorama

    A diorama is a scene, reproduced in three dimensions, that places objects and figures in front of a painted background.

  • plethora

    A plethora of something is too much of it.

  • lacuna

    A lacuna is an empty space or gap where something is missing; if there is a lacuna in a person's argument, for example, part of that argument is lacking.

  • stigma

    Something that has a stigma is not socially acceptable; therefore, it has a strong feeling of shame or disgrace attached to it.

  • panacea

    A panacea is something that people think will solve all problems and make everything better.

  • coda

    A coda is the final part of a piece of writing, speech, or music that acts as a summary.

  • desiderata

    Desiderata are a wish list of things that are considered highly desirable or necessary to have.

  • patina

    A patina is a smooth, shiny film or surface that gradually develops on things—such as wood, leather, and metal utensils—that have seen a lot of use.

  • charisma

    A person with a great deal of charisma is able to highly influence others because they are easily able to inspire loyalty and create enthusiasm through personal charm.

  • strata

    Strata are Earth's layers of rock or regions of the atmosphere; they can also be the different social, cultural, and economic levels of a society.

  • euphoria

    A state of euphoria is one of extreme happiness or overwhelming joy.

  • criteria

    Criteria are standards that, if met, allow you to do something; for example, getting good grades and performing community service form standards that will help you get into college.

  • scintilla

    A scintilla of something is a small bit or trace of it.

  • data

    Data are pieces of information or facts that tell you about something. Note: the word "data" used as a singular noun is also considered correct.

  • formula

    A formula is a method or plan used to solve a problem or help something succeed.

  • genera

    See Genus.

  • idea

    an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth

  • phenomena

    any state or process known through the senses rather than by intuition or reasoning

  • vertebra

    one of the bony segments of the spinal column

  • larva

    the immature free-living form of most invertebrates and amphibians and fish which at hatching from the egg is fundamentally unlike its parent and must metamorphose

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