over, above


  • overweening

    Someone is overweening when they are not modest; rather, they think way too much of themselves and let everyone know about it.

  • override

    When one person overrides the decision of another, they reject or cancel it.

  • overwhelm

    When you overwhelm someone, you overpower or overcome them completely.

  • overcharge

    rip off

  • overdose

    dose too heavily

  • overestimate

    make too high an estimate of

  • overpower

    overcome by superior force

  • overpowering

    so strong as to be irresistible

  • overrated

    of something said to be better than it actually is

  • oversimplify

    simplify to an excessive degree

  • overweight

    usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it

  • overwrought

    deeply agitated especially from emotion

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