• innate

    An innate quality of someone is present since birth or is a quality of something that is essential to it.

  • naive

    If someone is naive, they are too trusting of others; they don't have enough experience in life to know whom to believe.

  • preternatural

    Something preternatural is beyond what is usually considered normal; as such, it is exceptional, extraordinary, unusual—or even supernatural.

  • natural

    Something that happens in a natural way is the usual or normal way that it occurs.

  • native

    Someone who is native to a country was born there; this word can also describe a skill with which someone is born.

  • nation

    A nation is a country or land in which people live, such as the United States, Mexico, or France.

  • cognate

    related in nature

  • innateness

    the quality of being innate

  • international

    concerning or belonging to all or at least two or more nations

  • multinational

    involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

  • naivete

    lack of sophistication or worldliness

  • natal

    relating to or accompanying birth

  • nationalistic

    fanatically patriotic

  • nationality

    people having common origins or traditions and often comprising a nation

  • nativity

    the event of being born

  • naturalization

    the quality of being brought into conformity with nature

  • neonatal

    relating to or affecting the infant during the first month after birth

  • neonate

    a baby from birth to four weeks

  • postnatal

    occurring immediately after birth

  • prenatal

    occurring or existing before birth

  • supernatural

    not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws

  • unnatural

    not in accordance with or determined by nature

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