born, produced


  • progeny

    Progeny are children or descendants.

  • indigenous

    Living things are indigenous to a region or country if they originated there, rather than coming from another area of the world.

  • progenitor

    A progenitor is someone's ancestor; they can also be the originator of something.

  • pathogen

    A pathogen is an organism or infectious agent—such as a bacterium or virus—that causes disease.

  • carcinogen

    any substance that produces cancer

  • endogenous

    of or resembling an endogen

  • gender

    a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

  • gene

    (genetics) a segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain

  • genealogy

    successive generations of kin

  • generate

    bring into existence

  • generation

    all the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age

  • generous

    willing to give and share unstintingly

  • genesis

    a coming into being

  • genetic

    occurring among members of a family usually by heredity

  • genocide

    systematic killing of a racial or cultural group

  • genus

    a general kind of something

  • miscegenation

    reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)

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