of or relating to


  • saturnine

    Someone who is saturnine is looking miserable and sad, sometimes in a threatening or unfriendly way.

  • quarantine

    When people or animals are quarantined, they are put in isolation so that they will not spread disease.

  • labyrinthine

    If you describe a situation or process as labyrinthine, you mean that it is very complicated, involved, and difficult to understand.

  • internecine

    An internecine conflict or quarrel takes place between people who belong to the same group, organization, country, etc.

  • aquiline

    An aquiline feature, such as a nose or profile, is large, thin, and curved like the beak of an eagle.

  • byzantine

    If you describe a system or process as byzantine, it means that you are criticizing it because it is excessively complicated and difficult to understand.

  • saccharine

    If you are acting in a saccharine fashion, you are being way too sugary sweet or are being extremely sentimental, both of which can be irritating to others.

  • serpentine

    A serpentine figure has a winding or twisting form, much like that of a slithering snake.

  • asinine

    devoid of intelligence

  • canine

    of or relating to a pointed conical tooth

  • divine

    perceive intuitively or through some inexplicable perceptive powers

  • feline

    of or relating to cats

  • feminine

    associated with women and not with men

  • genuine

    not fake or counterfeit

  • leonine

    of or characteristic of or resembling a lion

  • marine

    of or relating to the sea

  • masculine

    of grammatical gender

  • wolverine

    a native or resident of Michigan

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