of or relating to


  • rancid

    Something rancid is way past fresh; in fact, it is decomposing quickly and has a bad taste or smell.

  • florid

    Something florid has too much decoration or is too elaborate.

  • limpid

    Limpid speech or prose is clear, simple, and easily understood; things, such as pools of water or eyes, are limpid if they are clear or transparent.

  • fervid

    A fervid person has strong feelings about something, such as a humanitarian cause; therefore, they are very sincere and enthusiastic about it.

  • insipid

    Something insipid is dull, boring, and has no interesting features; for example, insipid food has no taste or little flavor.

  • fetid

    Fetid water or air has a bad odor, usually caused by decay.

  • livid

    If you are livid, you are extremely angry.

  • pellucid

    Something that is pellucid is either extremely clear because it is transparent to the eye or it is very easy for the mind to understand.

  • elucidate

    If you elucidate something, you make it easier to understand by giving more relevant information.

  • liquidate

    To liquidate a business or company is to close it down and sell the things that belong to it in order to pay off its debts.

  • turgid

    Turgid writing or speech is excessively complicated, being filled with too many needlessly difficult words; consequently, such verbiage is boring and difficult to understand.

  • pallid

    If someone is pallid, they look very pale in an unattractive and unhealthy way.

  • viscid

    Something viscid is thick, sticky, and does not flow easily.

  • tepid

    A tepid reaction to something is mild, unemotional, and lacking in enthusiasm; tepid water is likewise lukewarm—not too hot and not too cold.

  • flaccid

    Something is flaccid when it is unpleasantly soft and weak, hangs limply, or lacks vigor and energy.

  • lucid

    If someone is lucid, they are able to understand things and think clearly; this adjective also describes writing or speech that is crystal clear and easy to understand.

  • acrid

    An acrid smell or taste is strong, unpleasant, and stings your nose or throat.

  • vapid

    Something vapid is dull, boring, and/or tiresome.

  • languid

    A languid person is slow, relaxed, and shows little energy or interest in doing anything.

  • turbid

    Something that is turbid, such as water, is muddy or cloudy because it has lots of small pieces of matter or dirt in it.

  • placid

    A placid scene or person is calm, quiet, and undisturbed.

  • putrid

    A putrid substance is decaying or rotting; therefore, it is also foul and stinking.

  • torrid

    The adjective torrid can refer to weather that is very hot and dry; it can also refer to earth that has been baked or scorched by such weather.

  • validate

    When you validate something, you confirm that it is sound, true, legal, or worthwhile.

  • avid

    If you are avid about something, you are excited about and eager to do it.

  • vivid

    A vivid picture is brightly colored and/or lifelike.

  • consolidate

    When two businesses consolidate, they combine to form a stronger, more solid company.

  • fluid

    A fluid is a liquid, such as water.

  • rigid

    A rigid person, such as a teacher or parent, has very strict rules that others must follow; they are unlikely to change or bend those rules.

  • timid

    A timid person is fearful or afraid of things.

  • acid

    having the characteristics of an acid

  • frigid

    sexually unresponsive

  • liquid

    clear and bright

  • morbid

    suggesting an unhealthy mental state

  • rabid

    of or infected by rabies

  • torpid

    slow and apathetic

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