with, together


  • colloquy

    A colloquy is a formal conversation.

  • collude

    If you collude with people, you work secretly with them to do something dishonest.

  • collate

    When you collate pieces of information, you gather them all together and arrange them in some sensible order so that you can examine and compare those data efficiently.

  • collaborate

    When people collaborate, they work together, usually to solve some problem or issue.

  • collateral

    Collateral is a security or guarantee, usually represented by personal property of equal value, that a borrower must put up when they take out a loan.

  • collapse

    When something collapses, such as a bridge or building, it falls down suddenly.

  • collide

    When two things collide, such as cars or trains, they smash together or crash into each other.

  • collection

    A collection is a gathering or bringing together of things, such as coins or rocks.

  • collusion

    secret agreement

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