with, together


  • coagulate

    If liquid coagulates, it becomes thick and solid.

  • coalition

    A coalition is a temporary union of different political or social groups that agrees to work together to achieve a shared aim.

  • coalesce

    If two or more things coalesce, they come together to form a single larger unit.

  • cohesive

    A cohesive argument sticks together, working as a consistent, unified whole.

  • correlate

    When you correlate two things, you compare, associate, or equate them together in some way.

  • incoherent

    Someone who is speaking in an incoherent fashion cannot be understood or is very hard to understand.

  • coordinate

    When you coordinate a large event, you organize or bring all the many parts of it together so that the event can occur.

  • coincide

    When two things coincide, they go along with each other, match, or happen at the same time.

  • cooperate

    When you cooperate with another person, you work together with them to accomplish something.

  • coexisting

    existing at the same time

  • coherent

    marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts

  • cohort

    a company of companions or supporters

  • covenant

    enter into a covenant

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