of or relating to


  • plenary

    A plenary session or meeting is attended by all members of an organization.

  • ancillary

    When something is ancillary to something else, such as a workbook to a textbook, it supports it but is less important than that which it supports.

  • tertiary

    Something or someone that is tertiary is third in rank.

  • vagary

    A vagary is an unpredictable or unexpected change in action or behavior.

  • pecuniary

    Pecuniary means relating to or concerning money.

  • plenipotentiary

    A plenipotentiary is someone who has full power to take action or make decisions on behalf of their government in a foreign country.

  • arbitrary

    If you describe a decision, rule, or plan as arbitrary, you think that it was decided without any thought, standard, or system to guide it; therefore, it can seem unfair.

  • sedentary

    Someone who has a sedentary habit, job, or lifestyle spends a lot of time sitting down without moving or exercising often.

  • salutary

    A salutary experience is beneficial to you since it strengthens you in some way, although it may be unpleasant as you undergo it; this word also refers to promoting good health.

  • auxiliary

    An auxiliary device is one that acts in support of a main one, such as a backup generator that replaces power in case the main source of that power goes down.

  • centenary

    A centenary period has lasted one hundred years.

  • contrary

    If you act in a contrary way, you oppose or go against an existing way of doing or thinking about something.

  • culinary

    Someone who has excellent culinary skills is able to cook food very well.

  • exemplary

    An exemplary person is one that sets an ideal or praiseworthy example for others to follow.

  • fiduciary

    A fiduciary relationship arises when one individual has the trust and confidence of another, such as a financial client; subsequently, that trustworthy person is entrusted with the management or protection of the client's money.

  • incendiary

    An incendiary device causes objects to catch on fire; incendiary comments can cause riots to flare up.

  • rudimentary

    Rudimentary skills and knowledge are basic or simple things that are learned early on in life.

  • contemporary

    A contemporary object exists at the same time as something else or exists at the current time.

  • preliminary

    A preliminary action is one that comes before and leads up to a main occurrence.

  • legendary

    Someone or something that is legendary is well known but sometimes not real, such as a hero or monster from a story.

  • stationary

    A stationary object is still, fixed, or not moving at all.

  • customary

    A customary practice is the usual or established way of acting.

  • solitary

    A solitary person is by themselves; they are all alone with no one else around.

  • supernumerary

    A supernumerary amount of something is an extra or additional amount of it.

  • primary

    The primary thing on a list of things to do is the most important thing, so it is at the top of the list or first.

  • complimentary

    If you are complimentary to someone, you say nice things to them, such as how smart they are or how beautiful they look.

  • anniversary

    An anniversary is a yearly celebration of something important that happened in the past, such as a wedding or birth.

  • voluntary

    If a task or job is voluntary, you can choose whether or not you want to do it; you also do not get paid for that type of job.

  • elementary

    The elementary parts of something you learn are the simplest, beginning, and first things that you learn about it.

  • discretionary

    having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment

  • honorary

    given as an honor without the normal duties

  • literary

    of or relating to or characteristic of literature

  • military

    of or relating to the study of the principles of warfare

  • ordinary

    lacking special distinction, rank, or status

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