person or thing belonging to


  • functionary

    A functionary is a minor official who works for a government or political party; they attend to administrative tasks that are small and trivial.

  • luminary

    A luminary is someone who is much admired in a particular profession because they are an accomplished expert in their field.

  • emissary

    An emissary is someone who acts as a representative from one government or leader to another.

  • adversary

    An adversary is a person who goes against you in some way, such as an opponent in a contest or a personal enemy in a conflict.

  • mercenary

    A mercenary person is one whose sole interest is in earning money.

  • reliquary

    A reliquary is a receptacle or container that displays sacred relics—and keeps them safe.

  • commentary

    A reporter gives commentary when they talk about an event as it is happening or give their opinion about a past event."

  • boundary

    the greatest possible degree of something

  • infirmary

    a health facility where patients receive treatment

  • library

    a room where books are kept

  • mortuary

    of or relating to or characteristic of death

  • sanctuary

    a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept

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