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Learn how to use Membean, why it works, and how to make the most of it.

The Essentials

  • Membean 101: A Guide to Getting Started

    Audience: This webinar is designed for teachers who are new to Membean. It covers all the basics you need to get started.

    We'll discuss the following:

    1. How to create your classes and enroll your students.
    2. How students will see and meet your expectations.
    3. How you can use reports, quizzes, and writing assignments to monitor progress.
    4. How the trainer meets every student where they are and develops a training plan for their unique needs.

    You'll leave this webinar understanding what makes Membean a teacher favorite in over 40,000 classrooms.

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  • The Grand Tour

    Audience: This webinar is designed for those who have their teacher accounts set up and are ready to learn how to navigate the program.

    You’ll get a tour of all of the features Membean has to offer from inside Albus Dumbledore’s teacher account and Harry Potter’s student account.

    We’ll discuss the following:

    1. Tips for class management: adding co-teachers, locking classes, transferring students, resetting passwords, and more.
    2. How to dig into class and individual student data.
    3. How to adjust student training preferences.
    4. How to create and manage quizzes and assignments.
    5. What students will see and do on the program.

    You’ll leave this webinar knowing how to navigate Membean like a pro.

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  • Quizzes & Writing: Support, Enrich, and Assess Student Learning

    Audience: This webinar is designed for teachers who are ready for a deep dive into Membean quizzes and writing assignments. Basic understanding of how the program works is recommended prior viewing this webinar.

    We'll discuss the following:

    1. How our personalized and differentiated assessments and writing assignments will save you time while addressing individual student needs.
    2. The tools you can use to provide students with additional support or challenge.
    3. The careful consideration that goes into crafting our unique assessment questions and writing cues.
    4. The most efficient implementation practices.

    You'll leave this webinar with a complete understanding of how to use assessments and writing assignments like a pro.

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The Science

  • Keeping the Mind in Mind: Best Practices for Memory and Membean

    Audience: This webinar is designed for teachers who are interested in the science behind Membean and want to help their students train more efficiently. Basic understanding of the program is recommended prior to viewing this webinar.

    We'll discuss the following:

    1. What cognitive science has to say about long-term retention.
    2. How to save time and help your students train smarter.
    3. The ideal expectations to set for your classes.
    4. Why high accuracy doesn't indicate success.
    5. Resources to help your students learn about learning.

    You'll leave this webinar feeling well-equipped to help your students get the best vocabulary instruction available.

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  • Word Consciousness

    Audience: This webinar is to help teachers and administrators understand Membean’s science-backed philosophy for long term-retention and real world utilization of words.

    Our Word Consciousness webinar will show you how a vocabulary program should go beyond memorization to help students develop an excitement to know what words mean and how to use them with nuance and precision.

    We’ll discuss the following:

    1. Why reading just isn’t enough.
    2. What goes into learning a word on Membean.
    3. How our word pages provide students with rich and robust vocabulary instruction.
    4. The careful consideration that goes into every piece of handcrafted content.
    5. How our memory engine adapts to ensure long-term retention.

    You’ll leave this webinar understanding why Membean works the way it does.

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The Fun Stuff

  • Spice Up Your Membean Life

    Audience: This webinar is designed for teachers who are interested in new ideas for improving student engagement with meaningful activities.

    Looking to spice things up? This webinar provides easy-to-implement, engaging, and rigorous activities to integrate Membean into your curriculum. You'll get fresh ideas and free resources to help motivate your students to apply their Membean words in new and unique ways.

    We’ll discuss the following:

    1. The unique activities our team of experienced teachers has put together.
    2. Implementation tips.
    3. Free resources that you can turn around and use with your classes immediately.
    4. How these activities build on the valuable skills you’re already developing in your classroom.

    You’ll leave this webinar ready to challenge your students to collaborate, create, and show off their vocabularies.

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  • How To Integrate Membean Into Your Classroom

    Audience: This webinar is designed for teachers who are looking for help getting their students on board with Membean.

    Gather some strategies and techniques for using Membean successfully from two of our champion teachers, Cyndi Klink and Angie Kuhn. They’ll share their experiences with Membean and how they get students invested in the program.

    We’ll discuss the following:

    1. How to infuse Membean across your curriculum to nurture student buy-in and retention.
    2. How to fuel students’ love of language through elevated Membean engagement.
    3. Fresh strategies that deepen understanding of vocabulary.

    You’ll leave this webinar eager to implement the strategies you learn from experienced Membean teachers.

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  • Membean Motivation

    Audience: This webinar is designed for teachers who are looking to increase student motivation.

    Join our champion teachers, John Damaso and Katrina Gonzalez, as they share 10 tips for increasing student motivation. From training alongside students to creating a "Membean Zone," the suggestions from John and Katrina will help you promote student achievement and create a positive Membean culture in your classroom.

    We’ll discuss the following:

    1. Training with your students.
    2. Features of a wordpage that students often overlook.
    3. Why you should frequently display class progress.
    4. How to incorporate Membean into other aspects of the ELA classroom.
    5. Ideas for using Membean in writing.

    You'll leave this webinar equipped with a variety of new ways to increase student motivation.

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For Administrators

  • What Every Administrator Should Know About Membean

    Audience: This webinar is designed for leaders at all levels: administrators, curriculum coordinators, instructional coaches, department heads, etc.

    What is it about Membean that has your English teachers so hyped? Come learn what sets us apart, get guidance on good usage and how to monitor it, and find comfort in knowing that your students’ needs are being met, regardless of their ability and background knowledge.

    We’ll discuss the following:

    1. Why explicit vocabulary instruction is crucial to your students’ success.
    2. Our unique pedagogical approach and why it’s so effective.
    3. What your students and teachers actually do on the program and what you can expect them to gain from using it.
    4. The comprehensive data and monitoring tools available.
    5. The simplicity of getting teachers and students started.

    We’ll be happy to address questions submitted from the audience, too, so don’t be shy!

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