rolled, wrapped up


  • convoluted

    Something convoluted, such as a difficult concept or procedure, is complex and takes many twists and turns.

  • convolution

    the shape of something rotating rapidly

  • counterrevolution

    a revolution whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by a previous revolution

  • devolution

    the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power or vitality or essential quality

  • evolution

    a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage)

  • evolutionary

    of or relating to or produced by evolution

  • revolt

    make revolution

  • revolting

    highly offensive

  • revolution

    a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving

  • revolutionary

    markedly new or introducing radical change

  • revolutionize

    change radically

  • vault(n.)

    a burial chamber (usually underground)

  • vault(v.)

    jump across or leap over (an obstacle)

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