• convivial

    A convivial atmosphere or occasion is friendly, pleasant, cheerful, and relaxed.

  • vivacious

    If someone is described as vivacious, they are lively and have a happy, lighthearted manner.

  • vivid

    A vivid picture is brightly colored and/or lifelike.

  • survive

    If you survive something, such as a difficult time or trouble, you manage to make it through or live to tell of it.

  • conviviality

    a jovial nature

  • revival

    bringing again into activity and prominence

  • revive

    cause to regain consciousness

  • revivify

    give new life or energy to

  • survivor

    one who lives through affliction

  • viability

    (of living things) capable of normal growth and development

  • vivacity

    characterized by high spirits and animation

  • vivify

    give new life or energy to

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