clothing, garments


  • travesty

    If you say that one thing is a travesty of a second thing, you mean that the first is an extremely bad, crude, or absurd version of the second.

  • divest

    If you divest someone of power, rights, or authority, you take those things away from them.

  • divestiture

    an order to an offending party to rid itself of property

  • invest

    make an investment

  • investiture

    the ceremony of installing a new monarch

  • investment

    the act of investing

  • investor

    someone who commits capital in order to gain financial returns

  • reinvest

    To invest again or anew.

  • vest

    provide with power and authority

  • vested

    fixed and absolute and without contingency

  • vestment

    gown (especially ceremonial garments) worn by the clergy

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