of the nature of


  • contiguous

    Contiguous things are in contact with or near each other; contiguous events happen one right after the other without a break.

  • inconspicuous

    Something that is inconspicuous does not attract attention and is not easily seen or noticed because it is small or ordinary.

  • innocuous

    Something innocuous is not likely to offend or harm anyone.

  • tortuous

    Something that is tortuous, such as a piece of writing, is long and complicated with many twists and turns in direction; a tortuous argument can be deceitful because it twists or turns the truth.

  • ambiguous

    If you describe something as ambiguous, you mean that it is unclear or confusing because it can be understood in multiple ways.

  • assiduous

    An assiduous person works hard to ensure that something is done properly and completely.

  • vacuous

    Something that is vacuous is empty or blank, such as a mind or stare.

  • tempestuous

    A tempestuous storm, temper, or crowd is violent, wild, and in an uproar.

  • sumptuous

    Something that is sumptuous is impressive, grand, and very expensive.

  • unctuous

    An unctuous person acts in an overly deceptive manner that is obviously insincere because they want to convince you of something.

  • tumultuous

    A tumultuous event or period of time is filled with great excitement, confusion, or violence; a tumultuous reaction to something is likewise very loud and noisy because people are happy and excited.

  • impetuous

    Someone who is impetuous does things quickly and rashly without thinking carefully first.

  • presumptuous

    When you are presumptuous, you act improperly, rudely, or without respect, especially while attempting to do something that is not socially acceptable or that you are not qualified to do.

  • tenuous

    Something tenuous is thin, weak, and unconvincing.

  • sinuous

    Something that is sinuous is shaped or moves like a snake, having many smooth twists and turns that can often be highly graceful.

  • exiguous

    An exiguous amount of something is meager, small, or limited in nature.

  • conspicuous

    obvious to the eye or mind

  • continuous

    continuing in time or space without interruption

  • deciduous

    (of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season

  • sensuous

    taking delight in beauty

  • virtuous

    morally excellent

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