rich in, full of


  • opulent

    Something that is opulent is very impressive, grand, and is made from expensive materials.

  • virulent

    A virulent disease is very dangerous and spreads very quickly.

  • corpulent

    Someone who is corpulent is extremely fat.

  • truculent

    A truculent person is bad-tempered, easily annoyed, and prone to arguing excessively.

  • succulent

    A succulent food, such as sweet fruit or a good tomato, is juicy and tasty.

  • turbulence

    Turbulence describes a state of extreme disorder or confusion; it can also refer to unpredictable and wild wind currents.

  • flatulent

    generating excessive gas in the alimentary canal

  • fraudulent

    intended to deceive

  • purulent

    containing pus

  • turbulent

    characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination

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