repeated activity


  • garrulous

    A garrulous person talks a lot, especially about unimportant things.

  • petulant

    A petulant person behaves in an unreasonable and childish way, especially because they cannot get their own way or what they want.

  • credulous

    A credulous person is very ready to believe what people tell them; therefore, they can be easily tricked or cheated.

  • querulous

    Someone who is querulous often complains about things in an annoying way.

  • tremulous

    Someone is tremulous when they are shaking slightly from nervousness or fear; they may also simply be afraid of something.

  • jocular

    Someone who is jocular is cheerful and often makes jokes or tries to make people laugh.

  • regulation

    A regulation is a rule or law that orders how people must act or behave.

  • bibulous

    given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol

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