witness, proof, indicator


  • intestate

    If someone dies intestate, they die without having made a will or legal document that explains who gets their money and property.

  • attest

    provide evidence for

  • attestation

    the action of bearing witness

  • contest

    a struggle between rivals

  • contestant

    a person who participates in competitions

  • detest

    dislike intensely

  • detestable

    offensive to the mind

  • detestation

    hate coupled with disgust

  • incontestable

    incapable of being contested or disputed

  • protest

    utter words of protest

  • protestation

    a formal and solemn declaration of objection

  • protester

    a person who dissents from some established policy

  • testament

    a profession of belief

  • testify

    give testimony in a court of law

  • testimonial

    expressing admiration or appreciation

  • testimony

    a solemn statement made under oath

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