a cutting


  • detail

    A detail of something is a fact about it or one part of it.

  • curtailment

    The act or result of curtailing or cutting off.

  • detailed

    Developed or executed with care and in minute detail; as, a detailed plan.

  • entail

    have as a logical consequence

  • entailed

    had as a logical consequence

  • entailment

    The act of entailing or of giving, as an estate, and directing the mode of descent.

  • retail

    The sale of commodities in small quantities or parcels; -- opposed to wholesale; sometimes, the sale of commodities at second hand.

  • retailer

    One who retails anything; as, a retailer of merchandise; a retailer of gossip; -- used also of businesses, including large corporations; as, Sears, Roebuck is one the the country's largest retailers.

  • tailored

    made specifically for

  • tally

    Originally, a piece of wood on which notches or scores were cut, as the marks of number; later, one of two books, sheets of paper, etc., on which corresponding accounts were kept.

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