take up, put on


  • unassuming

    Someone who is unassuming is not boastful or arrogant; rather, they are modest or humble.

  • subsume

    If something is subsumed, it is included within a larger class or group as a member rather than being considered separately.

  • resume

    When you resume an activity, you start it up again or return to it.

  • assume

    take to be the case or to be true

  • assumed

    adopted in order to deceive

  • consumable

    may be used up

  • consume

    eat immoderately

  • consumer

    a person who uses goods or services

  • presumable

    capable of being inferred on slight grounds

  • presume

    take to be the case or to be true

  • presuming

    taking to be the case or be true

  • resume(n.)

    short descriptive summary (of events)

  • resume(v.)

    take up or begin anew

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