build, construct


  • misconstrue

    If you misconstrue something that has been said or something that happens, you understand or interpret it incorrectly.

  • construct(n.)

    an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances

  • construct(v.)

    make by combining materials and parts

  • construction

    the act of constructing something

  • constructive

    constructing or tending to construct or improve or promote development

  • construe

    make sense of

  • destruct

    destroy (one's own missile or rocket)

  • indestructible

    not easily destroyed

  • infrastructure

    the basic structure or features of a system or organization

  • instruct

    impart skills or knowledge to

  • instructive

    serving to instruct or enlighten or inform

  • instrument

    equip with instruments for measuring, recording, or controlling

  • instrumental

    relating to or designed for or performed on musical instruments

  • obstruct

    hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of

  • obstructive

    preventing movement

  • reconstruction

    the period after the American Civil War when the southern states were reorganized and reintegrated into the Union

  • structural

    relating to or caused by structure, especially political or economic structure

  • substructure

    the basic structure or features of a system or organization

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