draw tight, tighten, confine


  • astringent

    When you are astringent towards someone, you speak to or write about them in a critical and hurtful manner.

  • constrain

    When you are constrained, you are forced to do something or are kept from doing it.

  • stringent

    Stringent measures or rules are strict, severe, and controlled in a very tight fashion.

  • unrestrained

    Someone who is unrestrained is free to do as they please; they are not controlled by anyone but themself, which can lead to excessive behavior.

  • restraint

    When someone has restraint, they show self-control or self-discipline, which provides limits to what they do.

  • constraint

    the state of being physically constrained

  • distress

    bring into difficulties or distress, especially financial hardship

  • restrain

    keep under control

  • strain(n.)

    (physics) deformation of a physical body under the action of applied forces

  • strain(v.)

    to exert much effort or energy

  • stress

    the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note, especially with regard to stress or pitch

  • string

    thread on or as if on a string

  • stringy

    lean and sinewy

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