• soliloquy

    A soliloquy is the act of speaking by a single person, usually an actor in the theater.

  • desolate

    A desolate area is unused, empty of life, deserted, and lonely.

  • solitary

    A solitary person is by themselves; they are all alone with no one else around.

  • solipsism

    Solipsism is the contention that only the self exists and nothing else; this self-centered worldview can lead to extreme self-absorption and preoccupation with one's own feelings, needs, and desires.

  • solo

    A solo is a musical or other artistic performance that is done by only one person.

  • desolation

    the state of being decayed or destroyed

  • sole

    put a new sole on

  • soliloquize

    talk to oneself

  • solipsist

    one who believes that the only person who exists is themselves

  • solitaire

    a gem (usually a diamond) in a setting by itself

  • solitude

    a state of social isolation

  • soloist

    a musician who performs a solo

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