• obsequious

    If someone is being obsequious, they are trying so hard to please someone that they lack sincerity in their actions towards that person.

  • sequester

    If you sequester someone, you keep them separate from other people.

  • segue

    If a song, idea, or activity segues into another song, idea, or activity, it changes smoothly into it or is followed immediately by it without any stops or breaks.

  • inconsequential

    Inconsequential matters are unimportant or are of little to no significance.

  • subsequent

    One thing that is subsequent to another is later than—or after it—in time.

  • sequence

    A sequence of actions is the order in which those actions take place.

  • consequence

    a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon

  • consequent

    following or accompanying as a consequence

  • consequential

    having important issues or results

  • obsequies

    See Obsequy.

  • obsequy

    The last duty or service to a person, rendered after his death; hence, a rite or ceremony pertaining to burial; -- now used only in the plural.

  • prequel

    a movie or book whose plot or events precede that of another

  • sequel

    something that follows something else

  • sequential

    in regular succession without gaps

  • sequestrate

    keep away from others

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