• sanctimonious

    Someone who is sanctimonious endeavors to show that they are morally superior to others.

  • sanction

    A sanction is an official approval to do something; it may be a showing of support or acceptance for something, or it may officially support a punishment or restriction in response to an unacceptable action.

  • sacrosanct

    Something that is sacrosanct is considered to be so important, special, or holy that no one is allowed to criticize, tamper with, or change it in any way.

  • sanctity

    The sanctity of something is its holiness or sacred quality.

  • sanctification

    a religious ceremony in which something is made holy

  • sanctify

    render holy by means of religious rites

  • sanctimony

    the quality of being hypocritically devout

  • sanctuary

    a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept

  • sanctum

    a place of inviolable privacy

  • unsanctioned

    without explicit official permission

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