ruled, guided, put right


  • rectitude

    You show rectitude if you behave or conduct yourself in an honest and morally correct manner.

  • directive

    When you are given a directive, you are given an instruction or order that directs you to do something.

  • rectify

    When you rectify something, you correct it or make it right once more.

  • correct

    free from error

  • correction

    the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake

  • corrective

    designed to promote discipline

  • direct

    without deviation

  • direction

    a line leading to a place or point

  • director

    someone who controls resources and expenditures

  • directory

    an alphabetical list of names and addresses

  • erect

    construct, build, or erect

  • erectile

    capable of being raised to an upright position

  • erection

    an erect penis

  • erector

    One who, or that which, erects.

  • incorrect

    characterized by errors

  • indirect

    having intervening factors or persons or influences

  • rectangle

    a parallelogram with four right angles

  • redirect

    channel into a new direction

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