• pragmatic

    If you handle something in a pragmatic way, you deal with it in a realistic and practical manner rather than just following unproven theories or ideas.

  • practical

    Something practical, such as a tool or idea, is useful and good for getting things done.

  • practicable

    usable for a specific purpose

  • practice

    a customary way of operation or behavior

  • practitioner

    someone who practices a learned profession

  • chiropractor

    a therapist who practices chiropractic

  • impracticable

    not capable of being carried out or put into practice

  • impractical

    not practical

  • malpractice

    professional wrongdoing that results in injury or damage

  • pragmatism

    (philosophy) the doctrine that practical consequences are the criteria of knowledge and meaning and value

  • praxis

    translating an idea into action

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