come to sight


  • repertoire

    A musician's or dramatist's repertoire is their ready stock or range of pieces that they are able to perform.

  • apparition

    An apparition is something that unexpectedly appears that is either a ghost or ghostly.

  • transparent

    If something is transparent, such as a window or a glass, you can see through it.

  • antepartum

    before childbirth

  • grandparent

    a parent of your father or mother

  • multipara

    one woman’s having given birth to many children

  • oviparous

    Producing young from eggs; as, an oviparous animal, in which the egg is generally separated from the animal, and hatched after exclusion; -- opposed to viviparous.

  • parent

    One who begets, or brings forth, offspring; a father or a mother.

  • parentage

    Descent from parents or ancestors; parents or ancestors considered with respect to their rank or character; extraction; birth; as, a man of noble parentage.

  • parental

    designating the generation of organisms from which hybrid offspring are produced

  • parenthood

    The state of a parent; the office or character of a parent.

  • parturience

    the act of giving birth

  • parturition

    The act of bringing forth, or being delivered of, young; the act of giving birth; delivery; childbirth.

  • postpartum

    occurring immediately after birth

  • repertory

    a list of musical pieces or dramatic parts that someone can perform

  • transparency

    permitting the free passage of electromagnetic radiation

  • transparently

    doing in such a way as to allow free passage

  • viviparous

    Producing young in a living state, as most mammals, or as those plants the offspring of which are produced alive, either by bulbs instead of seeds, or by the seeds themselves germinating on the plant, instead of falling, as they usually do; -- opposed to oviparous.

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