• panegyric

    A panegyric is a speech or article that praises someone or something a lot.

  • panacea

    A panacea is something that people think will solve all problems and make everything better.

  • pandemonium

    Pandemonium is a very noisy and uncontrolled situation, especially one that is caused by a lot of angry or excited people.

  • pantheon

    The best or most highly regarded members of a particular group are known as a pantheon.

  • panoply

    A panoply is a large and impressive collection of people or things.

  • pandemic

    A pandemic disease is a far-reaching epidemic that affects people in a very wide geographic area.

  • panoramic

    A panoramic view of a landscape is a sweeping or wide-ranging view of it.

  • pan(v.)

    make a sweeping movement

  • pancreas

    a large elongated exocrine gland located behind the stomach

  • pancreatic

    of or involving the pancreas

  • panorama

    the visual percept of a region

  • pantomime

    act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only

  • pants

    underpants worn by women

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