full of, having


  • morose

    Someone who is morose is unhappy, bad-tempered, and unwilling to talk very much.

  • bellicose

    If you are bellicose, you behave in an aggressive way and are likely to start an argument or fight.

  • verbose

    Something that is verbose, such as a speech or article, contains too many words.

  • otiose

    Something that is otiose is unnecessary, worthless, ineffective, or impractical; an otiose person is lazy and thus ineffective.

  • lachrymose

    If someone is lachrymose, they tend to cry often; if something, such as a song, is lachrymose, it tends to cause tears because it is so sad.

  • grandiose

    When you do something in a grandiose way, it is very showy, impressive, and magnificent.

  • jocose

    Someone who is jocose is given to joking around or being playful, merry, and humorous.

  • adipose

    composed of animal fat

  • comatose

    relating to or associated with a coma

  • globose

    having the shape of a sphere or ball

  • varicose

    abnormally swollen or knotty

  • viscose

    a cellulose ester obtained by treating cellulose with caustic soda

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